Bumpers UK Ltd is one of the largest automotive collectors in the UK, based in the North West of England and offer a national collection service throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Unlike other collectors we take ALL plastic, not just bumpers. We take arch liners, interior and exterior trim, front panels, lights, etc. Basically if it`s come of a car and its plastic we will take it!

We have been collecting bumpers and automotive plastic since 1998 so we have a wealth of experience in this field and can put a system in place whatever size of operation you have. From one-off collections to set periodic collections with stillages and cages provided by us.

New creditations like PAS125 look at the repair process , part of that process is the removal of damaged components and subsequently their disposal. Whether your company is going for credition or not, tightening legislation will mean greater waste management is needed.

Give us a call to discuss the options available I am sure we can put together a cost effective, efficient scheme to remove your waste plastic.

Bumpers Delivery Van

Bumpers Delivery Van being loaded

Worker organising bumpers